Saturday, July 25, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everybody,

I am new Hungarian member of the microstock community. Previously some people really liked my old pictures, so I decided I give it a try. I have found a fotolia advertisement on a photography webpage, and without any investigation I have started submissions to Fotolia in last October. Back then I have just submitted the photos I made prior I made the move towards microstock. By the time I finished uploading my favorite pictures almost a month passed.

However I have had a high rejection ratio, so I decided to choose a different direction. I have started to read what kind of photos Fotolia would accept. I have gone through several thousand messages in my favorite forums. Since I am doing photography as a hobby I did not want to investigate purely on the microstock photos I will take in the future. Then I had a look on my current equipment: Nikon D90, kit lens (18-105VR), Nikon 50 mm F1.8D. That's it I have to choose a direction with these items.

It seems like if you want to go for microstock you have two basic options take photos of people or not to take photos of people. The first option I don't like because I cannot tell where my photos get published. I don't want those men and women I photographed placed in an environment they would not like. With people out of the picture I have had to consider my equipment for the further directions, and finally I came to the idea that I will take pictures of isolated objects.

Isolated pictures however needs better lighting. And as you have already seen I did not have any lighting equipment so far. So I decided that I will go for hot lighting because I can use that also for shooting film (my other hobby), and of course I also choose it because it was cheap for a starter. I have got 2 pieces 500W incandescent lights with stands.

After some experimentation in January I have started to take photos in late February. By this time I have joined Dreamstime and Shutterstock. I have passed the shutterstock application procedure with the top images on Fotolia.

Finally here are my current galeries in the order I have joined the agencies:
I hope you will like reading my blog, later on I plan to publish my best pictures, the evaluation of my sales progression, and the making of my current photos in progress.

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