Thursday, April 15, 2010

Isolated wheat spike series

You can buy the entire series at iStockPhoto. If you are not an iStockphoto member, then I have made a small selection from the collection for my other agencies that you can select from on the bottom of this page.

I took the shot of my most successful photo series in last july. These photos are shot with several different techniques. Starting from the basic ones when the spikes are lieing on a white sheet, or with using a white wall while holding a boquet. Finally this series also holds a more creative shot where I have achieved isolation of the boquet by stabbing the spikes through the white sheet, so I can take a shot from above without having to think about how to hold the spikes standing during the shot.

The series presents the wheat spikes in various situations. First we can see several spikes in parallel and crossing positions, then we can see the spikes in boquets from different views points. There are some boquets that are isolated on white without any further decoration, however I have made several shots with our blue vases and spring decorations. Earlier, I have found out the scattered particles around the theme of the photo can be more attractive to the buyers. Therefore I have made some wheat spike shots that are laid among scattered wheat seeds, and with no surprise these are my most successful wheat spike shots.

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  1. Cool shots and impressive analysis of what works and what doesn't.