Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Puszedli series

You can buy the entire series at iStockPhoto. If you are not an iStockphoto member, then I have made a small selection from the collection for my other agencies that you can select from on the bottom of this page.

Mezes puszedli is one of my favourite desserts, so it was obvious that I was useing this kind of cookies in my first real photo series. Since I did not found any meaningful translation for the name of the cookie I have come up with the name honey biscuit. This series were shot in my early days, I have tried to make shots of as many cookies I could stand not to eat while shooting. The biggest amount had gone to my favourite puszedli pyramid shots - unfortunately my buyers don't like it that much.

The series features the mezes puszedli in several situations all isolated on white. First it offers single cookies on white background. I have two color variations of the cookies: one with honey only and the other one with cocoa flavouring. These color variations offered my to play with different layouts and patterns, so the next kind of shots are offering nine multi colored cookies shot from above. Then I have moved towards the pyramid structure. The shoot includes side, diagonal and top views on the cookie pyramid. Each setup have alternate versions because I shot them with different coloring. Finally I have put the cookies in use and shot several photos about their everyday use on tea time or just as you would bite them.

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